Meeting Innovation

Competence and organization supporting our clients


Ocra was born thanks to the meeting between experts that realized the possibility to mix together their experiences and years of work in the field of consultancy ERP to reach their common goals.
Our company is a Centre of Technology and meeting point for young talents and experts in the fields of IT consulting, able to develop always more SAP HANA competencies, in particular about the fashion industry (FMS).
Through a dynamic and flexible structure, OCRA supports its own resources in constant research of innovation and the technological knowledge needed to obtain their personal and corporate goals.


Ocra adheres to the Code of Ethics of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. We guarantee our commitment to the customers we serve with integrity, competence, independence, objectivity and professionalism. We will treat appropriately all confidential information that is not public knowledge. We do not accept commissions, wages or other benefits from third parties without the knowledge and consent of customers. Within the framework of our commitment, we will report to the competent authorities inside or outside the client organization any events of dangerous behavior or illegal and illegal activities.


Our consultants provide strategic and directional guidelines to ensure the achievement of operational objectives and corporate sustainability.


Our offices reflect the fascinating and dynamic character of our field of expertise. Comfortable and young environments to inspire a common corporate culture. In every Ocra office you will meet an ambitious, passionate and available team in an environment in line with your own needs.


Ocra guarantees all its members the active integration within the operational team, with ever-increasing responsibilities within the projects. It promotes the participation in the corporate training of all consultants who are required great flexibility and strong managerial spirit, such as to develop skills and competences in several sectors or specialist areas.


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